No longer is our plant off limit for female crew members, two new operators proved that female can be as tough as steel. BlueScope Indonesia now has welcome two new female operators in the family. Dewi Tia Cahyaningrum (20yo) & Elfira Eriany (21yo) both graduated from Sultan Agung Tirtayasa University (UNTIRTA), which provides free education and training program for technicians. Since January 2013 both have joined BlueScope Indonesia as production machine operator. They passed basic ability test, interview, and medical test. Ewi is now a production machine operator in laboratory section MCL II of BlueScope Indonesia. Her task is testing end products so it’s accordance with the established specifications. She tested the coating mass, hardness, thickness of resin / paint, color brightness, measurement, etc from every mother coil produced.  In every shift she can test 7 – 8 samples, each samples needed 30 – 45 minutes to be tested. On the other hand, Fira is a production machine operator at exit section in CPL. Her task is to visually inspect the end products whether it’s appropriate and accordance with the established specifications. Fira has a motto in life “if it can be today, why do it tomorrow”.

As the first female production machine operators in BlueScope, Ewi and Fira felt proud and not afraid, because their co-workers in the plant who are mostly men are very helpful and supportive.  Although at first, both had to face their neighbor’s rumors, because they go to work at night and come back in the morning, but as time went by residents in their area are now able to accept. By working in BlueScope Indonesia they hope the company continues moving forward and progress, add more female personnel as production machine operators, and they hope BlueScope will continue to fight for women’s equity.

According to Didit Rahardi, HR Manager NS BlueScope Indonesia based in Cilegon they are the first female production machine operators in BlueScope Indonesia’s history. With the trend of globalization, currently there are many women study to work in a manufacture industry. To support the company’s policy on diversity system currently HR has a target in FY 2013 – 2014 that there should be at least one female in each operational crew (this means a total of 12 female). Currently besides Ewi and Fira, there are also two female production machine operators who are in training.