27th June 2018

BlueScope Authorized Dealer Retail Store Expands to Ipoh, Perak

NS BlueScope BSAD Opening in Ipoh

“Home owners will now be able to visit a BlueScope Authorized Dealer Retail Store and understand more about metal roofing requirements… ”

Ipoh: NS BlueScope Malaysia continue to bring quality metal roofing closer to consumers with the establishment of BlueScope Authorized Dealer (BSAD) in Ipoh. The opening of this retail outlet in Menglembu is part of an expansion plan that will see 25 BSAD’s established across the country by the end of 2019. BlueScope manufacturing plant which was established in Kapar, Klang since 1996 has continually responded to market demands this includes a diversification from mega projects to meet the demands of the growing retail sector.

Home owners will now be able to visit a BlueScope Authorized Dealer Retail Store and understand more about metal roofing requirements by trained professionals, then have contractors use the best possible materials, product range and colors when it comes to the home roofing system. Thus being able to make an informed decision about the long term benefits of using metal roofing.

“Working with strategic partners, NS BlueScope has invested in education and training & this is the only way to bring peace of mind to consumers, weather conditions in Malaysia can be extreme and people want to know that their houses will not be effected every time there is a storm.”

“NS BlueScope is moving from traditional channels that serves customers functionally to provide an end-to-end professional servicing for roofing & walling solutions. We will continue to provide the best metal roofing and walling made in Malaysia utilizing advanced Australian technology.”

“Our research shows that as Malaysia continues to develop consumers will be more involved in the purchasing decisions. The BlueScope Authorized Dealer Retail Store concept will give consumers access to the technology and a branded product range that will improve their quality of life and ultimately the value of their properties.”

“BSAD represents the next phase in our expansion plans, BlueScope is able to leverage off our strong brand presence and our existing production capacity, we expect to increase our output by some 40% to 50% over the next 18 months.” Concluded Mr. Pongsak Padungkarn – Country President, BlueScope Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

During the launch Thung Hing Metal Industry Sdn. Bhd. was represented by Mr. Lee Kok Siong, Managing Director of Thung Hing Metal Industry “We are proud to be a BlueScope Authorized Dealer, this store is a product showcase and end consumers can learn from our professional team how best to protect their homes from the elements. From a business perspective we want to tap on the growth in demand from Perak both from those building new houses and those refurbishing existing buildings.”

NS BlueScope locally manufacture BlueScpoe Zacs® steel utilizing advanced mass coating technology from Australia and it is the only coated steel with optimal combination of aluminium-zinc alloy. As a result, with BlueScope’s proprietary coating technology, it provides more corrosion-resistant and longer-lasting metal roofing to keep the loved one safe. Consumers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their roofing material was manufactured in accordance to strict Malaysian standards (MS 1196 and / or MS 2383).

Also present at the launch was Mr. Brian Chong – Vice President for Retail, NS BlueScope Malaysia.