HRP Antibacterial®


HRP Antibacterial®

Designed for cold storage, cool room, clean room and other hygiene sensitive applications.

Highly efficient and corrosion resistant steel made for food manufacturing, food processing industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities.

Product Features

HRP Antibacterial® are pre-painted steel manufactured from continuous hot-dip process. HRP Antibacterial® are formulated to meet the needs of cool room and hygiene sensitive applications.

Superior Metal Coating

HRP Antibacterial®  have metal coating of Zinc and Aluminium AZ100. The symbol “AZ” represents the thickness of the coating 2 sides in grams per square meter as AZ100 represents the combined coating mass 2 sides not less than 100 grams per square meter. This formula made the material resistant to corrosion under condidtions of low temperature and high humidity.

Superior Finishing Coated with Anti-MICROBIAL Additive

Anti-MICROBIAL technology is incorporated into HRP Antibacterial® to create anti-bacteria property for better hygienic environments.

Easy Maintenance and Safe

HRP Antibacterial® are easy to clean and non-toxic, hence safe for humans and the environment. The HRP Antibacterial® are coated with Anti-MICROBIAL additive neutralises the ability of bacteria to function, grow and reproduce – effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Superior Backing Coat

Foam grey backing of HRP Antibacterial® is a painted system that specifically designed for better foam adhesive to prevent foam peeling off during fabrication and usage.

Product Brochures

HRP Antibacterial® Product Brochure