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COLORBOND® steel is very versatile building materials. Used in prestigious commercial and industrial projects like iconic buildings, warehouses, coolroom applications, factory, office complexes and much more. Learn More


Our premium zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel was launched in 1976 and continues to be the gold standard for corrosion resistance and long life. Designed for harsh Asian climatic conditions, ZINCALUME® improves galvanic protection and provides corrosion resistance of up to four times the life of galvanised steel. Learn More


TRUECORE® steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish, made specifically for the house framing market. Wall and roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel are termite and fire-resistant, straight and true, light weight yet strong. Learn More


NS BlueScope Lysaght’s range of roofing and walling profiles; from the straightforward seamless wall panels to extreme roofing lengths and curves, are subjected to stringent quality and performance tests in accordance to international building standards, making LYSAGHT® the preferred brand of architects and specifiers. Learn More


Our sheds don’t just look great they are fully engineered for durability and strength. Sold under the brand Ranbuild, we are the market leaders in the prefabricated steel shed industry, having delivered and built superior sheds in Asia for over a decade. Learn More

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No matter what projects that you are working on, we have the right products and solutions for you. NS BlueScope’s products and solutions are backed by research and using stringent quality control and testing procedures to ensure that our products are of highest performance quality.
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Every property owner would want to ensure that his/her property is beautifully finished with the best quality materials to stand the test of time. Discover the range of products and solutions by NS BlueScope that will provide you the quality finish that you are looking for.
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