Baan Fai Rim Ping

Baan Fai Rim Ping

Baan Fai Rim Ping is answer comes with clear space design. Using materials that look harmonious with nature around Ping River. Flowing the cold air to inside.

Project Details

Project Owner

Kriangkrai – Pornrawee Chananitithum


Plan 1661 Co., Ltd 

Construction Management

Goodspace Co., Ltd.



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Situated in Kamphaeng Phet Province, Baan Fai Rim Ping was developed using materials that are harmonious with the landscape surrounding the Ping River.

Inspired by the sounds of nature, the flow of water and the rays of the evening light, the residential area was designed by the team at Plan 1661 Co., Ltd. A clear space design that allows good airflow is also one of the features Baan Fai Rim Ping boasts. 

To blend in the natural aesthetics of Baan Fai Rim Ping with its surrounding landscape, metal sheets were chosen as the key material for roofing. This is where Lysaght was able to offer a variety of roofing solutions to the architects.

As the roof design was challenging and complicated to construct, LYSAGHT® ZIPDEK® was chosen due to its versatility and durability. Apart from fulfilling the design requirements, the ZIPDEK® profile was able to prevent any water leakage through its water-tightness ability.



Made to suit a variety of roofs, LYSAGHT® ZIPDEK® is a versatile structural standing seam roof system with a bold, high-rib profile. Additionally, having a high-rib profile also allows an excellent water drainage capacity.

This profile is suitable for complicated roof designs that require tapering and curving panels. Besides that, it is also mechanically field-seamed for superior water-tightness and offers good heat reflective abilities. As a result, this is an excellent choice for Baan Fai Rim Ping’s tropical weather conditions.