The ideal gutter material for even the toughest environment.

Tuffshield® Gutter is powerful, functional and highly durable for all modern needs.

Product Features

Tuffshield® Gutter made from Japan technology since 1973 is an unique polymer cladded steel sheet specially developed for gutter application. With proprietary material composition for optimal performance, the special extrusion technology enables coating of a thick lamination which provides excellent resistance to scratch and abrasion.

Tuffshield® is suitable for various type of gutter. It fits seamlessly into a wide range of applications for different types of building in various environment.

Abrasion Resistance

Tuffshield® requires high number of abrasion tests to reach substrate, hence showing better abrasion resistance characteristics compared to conventional gutter materials.

Corrosion Resistance

Base substrate is thoroughly enveloped to protect the core from contact with the air that can lead to corrosion and other damage.

Chemical Resistance

The special polymer used for Tuffshield® poses superior resistance against acid and alkali. Moreover, the extrusion process allows thick application of the resin over the core material, ensuring long-term resistance performance. The tested stainless steel shows similar performance as Tuffshield® gutter while galvanized steel shows significant sign of corrosion.

Superior Workability

Made of long chain polymer molecules which interweave with each other, the resilience of the polymer makes Tuffshield® so easy to shape and install. It can be easily bent, punched out or rolled up. No cracks are observed at bent area.

Product Brochures

Tuffshield® Gutter Product Brochure