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Tatyana Adilla

Building connections and bonds that will last a lifetime.

What’s your role and journey at NS BlueScope like?

I started my professional journey back in 2018 when I took on the role of a Senior Analyst in the Commercial team. In this role, I had to learn about the industry landscape and business challenges, looking for opportunities to optimize our costs, and suggest ways to drive economies of scale through the efficient use of our resources across our various sites and locations.

Fast forward to 2022, a job opening came in the form of an Internal Communications Specialist. I jumped at the opportunity because I felt the role would broaden my understanding of the business, as well as provide an avenue for me to learn something new. In my current role as the Internal Communications Specialist, I partner closely with the country management team and colleagues in the ASEAN region to drive strategic internal communications, ensuring employees understand and are aligned with where we are heading as a business.

At NS BlueScope, I am inspired to try something new because the leaders believed I would excel and I could contribute. And this gave me the confidence and motivation to bring my best self to work every day.

How are you contributing to connection at NS BlueScope?

From my early days in the Commercial team, I have been actively supporting employee engagement activities and initiatives. I love seeing the happy faces of our employees at the end of each event. The appreciation I get from leaders and peers also makes my effort all worth it.

From these experiences, I realised that I enjoy working with people and making an impact in their lives. Hence, taking on the lead role to expand Diversity & Inclusion best practices in Indonesia was an easy yes for me. Together with the Diversity & Inclusion core team that represents all our functions, we have had a great time planning staff engagement activities and external community events with our valued partners and stakeholders.

Tatyana Adilla
“At NS BlueScope, we look out for one another. The connections we make and the bonds we nurture at NS BlueScope is something that I value the most, and I hope to be a source of inspiration to those that I work with now and in the future.”
What does connection mean to you in your role?

I believe that strong connections between people is important. When employees are connected with one another, they will go the extra mile and help each other at work. When we build trust at work, it becomes enjoyable and fulfilling to work. When employees relate to the company’s vision and values, we are able to synergise and achieve the best results collectively.

At NS BlueScope, we look out for one another. Our Bond and How We Work drive how we make decisions, and these serve as the core foundation of how we connect and work with one another. We value diverse perspectives. Regardless of your role or seniority in the company, if you have a point to make, you can be sure someone will listen.

What does creating strength for the future mean to you?

My journey and experiences at NS BlueScope have been nothing short of amazing. I have witnessed first-hand, many colleagues who were given opportunities try out new roles or be involved in new projects that stretched their development and growth. The empowerment given to employees to try something new and to adapt and learn to achieve desired outcomes only serves to bring out the best in us.

Looking ahead, I hope to expand the Diversity & Inclusion agenda by forming employee support groups. Through the creation of a safe space and a network for employees to connect and share, we will foster connections that uplift and empower, and bonds that will last a lifetime.

I am excited about how my future chapters at BlueScope will unfold. The connections we make and the bonds we nurture at NS BlueScope is something that I value the most, and I hope to be a source of inspiration to those that I work with now and in the future.