4 Tips to make your house cooler.

Tropical house with Thailand is called a pair because our home is situated on a tropical area. effect to weather is hot all the year. But today, BlueScope Zacs have tips that if adjusted It will help the house get cooler in long term.

1. Roofing

Roofing is first point that protect the house from sunlight and heat. So we need to choose roofing that can be heat reflection by itself. Moreover, if you need your house cooler should be make a sloping roof.

2. Ceiling

To choose a ceiling, in addition to being neat and beautiful, it can also help to ventilate heat because of the nature of heat will move from low to high. If we choose the ceiling that has a vent will help airflow faster.

3. Heat insulation

Another thing can help to prevent heat coming into house is heat insulation. In addition to being able to prevent heat in conjunction with the roof heat insulation also help to absorb sound as well.

4. Awning

If your house does not have eaves to prevent sunlight. To use awning to be shade is another way that is not complicated to do, just matching the house. It will help to protect both of sunlight and rain very well.