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The key to a beautifully finished home is the way it starts.

Every property owner would want to ensure that his/her property is beautifully finished with the best quality materials to stand the test of time. Discover the range of products and solutions by NS BlueScope that will provide you the quality finish that you are looking for.

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Explore our Homeowner products and solutions that allows you to confidently express yourself by combining the latest in design and technology.

BlueScope ZACS®

Our premium range of hot-dipped zinc/aluminium alloy-coated steel for the retail market. Produced using modern computer controlled coil coating line, BlueScope ZACS® is long-lasting and more thermal efficient than zinc galvanized steel, making cooler buildings and giving long-lasting protection against corrosion. Learn More


JINGJOE LEK® steel is a hot-dipped zinc/aluminium alloy coated-steel supplied only at NS BlueScope (Thailand) Limited. The coating is composed of Zinc-Aluminium 55% produced by a continuous hot-dip process.

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No matter what projects that you are working on, we have the right products and solutions for you. NS BlueScope’s products and solutions are backed by research and using stringent quality control and testing procedures to ensure that our products are of highest performance quality.
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NS BlueScope offers quality and consistency you can trust for jobs both big and small. And when you choose our products and solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of genuine support from NS BlueScope team.
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