Kerry Logistics Warehouse

Kerry Logistics Warehouse

To support its expanding operations in Thailand, this warehouse was constructed with Lysaght® Klip-Lok® 700 and Lysaght® Trimdek® comes with a durable colour coating technology.

Project Details




Bangplee, Samutprakarn

Project Type



COLORBOND® – Carpet Grey


Roofing & Walling


LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® 700 (Roofing)


12,870 m²

As one of Asia’s premier logistics solutions provider, Kerry Logistics views the construction of its warehouses with great importance.

The firm’s operation in Thailand is impressive by any standards. It covers a wide range of services, including supply chain solutions, logistics, express and terminal handling, warehousing and nationwide distribution.

Together with Kerry Express which specializes in last mile delivery, Kerry is a household name in Thailand. Kerry Logistics owns and leases facilities of almost 10 million square feet in Thailand.

Naturally, when C:DOS COLLAGE DESIGN OPERATION STUDIO was commissioned to build a warehouse for this logistic giant, they had high standards to adhere. Located on a sprawling site in Bangplee, Samutprakarn, the warehouse is surrounded with generous parking space to accommodate delivery vehicles.

With 12,780sqm to cover, we went for the resilient COLORBOND® steel. Its durable colour coating technology makes for an application that offers good heat reflection, stain prevention and durability. The choice of Carpet Grey renders the building in an attractive hue.

To cover the wide building, the KLIP-LOK® profile was used for its supreme water tightness. As for the wall, we went for the TRIMDEK® profile that comes with trapezoidal ribs for more visual depth.



An ideal choice for industrial buildings for its supreme water tightness. This profile can be used with LOK-KLIP® end and expansion joint system to accommodate roofing area of any length. Comes with a nominal cover width of 700mm and minimum roof slope of 1°.



A versatile profile that can be used for both roofing and walling. The long spanning cladding permits wide support spacing. This profile can be used with TRIM-KLIP® end and expansion joint system with a nominal cover width of 762mm and minimum roof slope requirement of 2°.



It’s known that the colour of the roof makes a difference in terms of heat reflection. No less than five colours in the COLORBOND®steel range qualify as solar reflective under the Green Star Communities tool. That’s not all, every colour(except Night Sky®) in COLORBOND® steel range features Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. This could mean significant savings in terms of energy cost in tropical climates.