Our Products

superior strength with a wide range of long-lasting colors

Insulated panels for exterior and interior roof & wall

designed matt with gloss unit lower than 10

designed metallic finish for a unique perception of depth

designed for severe coastal and industrial environments

Why COLORBOND® steel

COLORBOND® steel combines the best of advanced steel technologies, developed by BlueScope.

Originated and tested for almost 50 years in some of Australia’s harshest conditions, COLORBOND® Steel delivers outstanding, long-life performance with 20 standard colors in the range inspired by the colors in the nature.

COLORBOND® Steel has Zincalume® steel, a Zinc-Aluminium 55% Alloy Coated Steel, as a core substrate. It provides both barrier protection from Aluminium and galvanic protection from Zinc. On an average Zincalume® steel lasts up to 4 times longer than Galvanised steel in similar environmental conditions.

A combination of airborne particles, heat and humidity sticks on the surface of a metal sheet will eventually lead to dark stains on it. Over time, the building will look dirty and aged. Clean Technology in COLORBOND® Steel proprietary paint system prevents this bonding process, making the dirt particles always remain loose and washable by rainfall for a brand-new look.

Thermatech® technology in our paint system optimizes the solar reflectance properties of COLORBOND® Steel. As a result, your building surface reflects more sun’s rays and absorbs less heat for cooler surface temperature. Even the darker shades have better thermal efficiency without any changes in their appearance.

To help create a more sustainable ‘circular economy’, every COLORBOND® Steel product incorporates recycled material and the steel itself is 100% recyclable. Moreover, COLORBOND® Steel‘s proven longevity keeps resources in use for longer, minimizing its impact on the environment.

For your best peace of mind, BlueScope offers you the maximum warranty for COLORBOND® Steel with 30-year against perforation due to corrosion, 10-year against color fading and chalking and 5-year for dirt stain retention property.

Proven Quality

COLORBOND® Steel is made to last.

Our real proof of outstanding quality is not only those iconic buildings that live up to their standards for decades but also the harshest product test results to provide some of the world’s most outstanding coated-steel solutions. The official letter confirming the test results can be downloaded from the material specification sheet below.

Click to see how the tests are done.


COLORBOND® Steel Brochure

COLORBOND® Residential Brochure

COLORBOND® for Panel Brochure

COLORBOND® Steel Specification Sheet

COLORBOND® Ultra Specification Sheet

COLORBOND® XPD Specification Sheet

Datasheet of COLORBOND® Steel

Datasheet of COLORBOND® for Panel

Datasheet of COLORBOND® Matt

Datasheet of COLORBOND® Pearlescent

Datasheet of COLORBOND® Ultra

Datasheet of COLORBOND® XPD

Made in Thailand Certificate (MiT) – COLORBOND® Steel Product

ตัวอย่างใบรับประกัน งานโครงการ สินค้า COLORBOND® Steel

ตัวอย่างใบรับประกัน งานที่พักอาศัย สินค้า Colorbond(R) Steel