PP Panel SD

PP Panel SD is now available with four new colors for interior walls

The PP Panel SD are perfectly suited as interior walls in offices, department stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, sanitized rooms, barns, or temperature and humidity-controlled rooms which need to be kept clean.

Product Features

PP Panel SD are metal sheets suitable for forming into insulation panels. These high tensile steel panels are durable and easy to form with rust-resistant coating and a paint coating that does not crack or chip. The panels are food grade with great adhesion performance.

Durable and long lasting

Made from high tensile steel, they are durable, long lasting, and easy to form.

Rust proof coating

The high-performance corrosion resistant coating, SuperDyma® consists of Zinc – 11% Aluminum and 3% Magnesium resulting in a rust-proof product.

Paint does not crack or chip

With the high-quality coating process and paint treatment, the paint does not easily crack or chip ensuring durability and long life.

Food grade

The panels are food grade according the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture)

Special adhesion performance

The back of each panel is coated to improve adhesion performance and can be used as an insulation layer for interior walls.

Product Brochures

PP Panel SD