Honda III Factory

Honda III Factory

Located its factory in Ha Nam province, Honda Lock Vietnam is one of the overseas branches of Honda Lock Japan, along with America, China, Thailand and Brazil.

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Honda Co. Ltd


Ha Nam

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The people of Vietnam have a long love affair with Honda motorcycles, the inexpensive and reliable Super Cub is an icon in the country. To fulfil the transportation needs of around 95 million Vietnamese, there are 3 Honda motorcycle factories in the country.

To support the needs of these factories, Honda Lock Manufacturing Corporation Limited Japan has set up a plant to manufacture motorcycle key sets in Ha Nam province, Vietnam. This company is incorporated as Honda Lock Vietnam Corporation Limited.

The state-of-the-art plant is staffed with 48 highly-trained employees to meet the premium quality Honda is known for. As such, the manufacturing plant is also built to equally high standards.

This is the beginning of a Japanese client segment for NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam. The firm needs to provide the right roofing solution to grow this category. The 8,142m2 building of Honda Lock Vietnam sits on a 30,000m2 site in Dong Van II Industrial Area, Ha Nam province.

With 6,000 m2 of roofing to build, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam went with the robust Zincalume® steel as the roofing material.

To meet that high rib profile requirement, the KLIP-LOK® 406 range was chosen for its strength and versatility. Its exceptional waterproofing characteristics provide an extra layer of security for the high-value machinery in the plant.

Lightweight, versatile and durable – the ZINCALUME® steel is the choice for roofing, walling, frames and other manufacturing solutions. The zinc/aluminium alloy coating gives the steel corrosion resistance of up to 4 times of galvanized steel.

KLIP-LOK® 406 is a rigid, robust and versatile roof and wall cladding with exceptional waterproofing characteristics, which makes it ideal for rainy tropical climates. The long, straight KLIP-LOK® 406 can be laid and aligned easily using clips, making it an ideal choice for low-pitched roofs.

Fixing the cladding to steel and timber is a simple and straightforward affair, the fixing clips do not puncture the profile. As there are no exposed fasteners, buildings with this roofing enjoy a clean, smooth look.