Landmark 81

Landmark 81

Landmark 81 is fast becoming the icon of Ho Chi Minh City, being the tallest building and one of the most sustainable building in Vietnam. 

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Architect: Atkins


Ho Chi Minh City

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Residential, Commercial


Structural Decking System



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At 461.5 metres high, Landmark 81 represents Vietnam’s pride and booming prosperity. It’s currently the tallest skyscraper in South East Asia, surpassing Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers. Located next to the Saigon River, Landmark 81 overlooks a spectacular view of Ho Chi Minh city. At the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from an array of restaurants and bars. Its prime location also promotes easy access with a good connection through major roads and water transportation.

Landmark 81 is designed to be the most sustainable building in Vietnam. It’s fitted with eco-friendly glass windows which helps minimise the power usage and maintain the indoor temperature. Aside from that, it’s also equipped with an advanced water management system as part of their sustainability efforts. The combination of modern landscaping and water feature surrounding Landmark 81’s sleek architecture makes the tower stand out distinctively among Ho Chi Minh’s developments.

Inspired by a common metaphor of strength among the locals, it was designed based on a bamboo cluster. The tower tapers at the top with an internally illuminated spire, creating a dramatic effect on the building. Modern landscaping and water features surrounding Landmark 81’s sleek architecture also made it stand out distinctively among Ho Chi Minh’s developments. One of the biggest issues during construction was difficulty in casting concrete for the top floors of Landmark 81.

This is where NS BlueScope Lysaght’s structural decking technology came into play.

At NS BlueScope, we always strive to set new industry standards and offer solutions that are economical, safe and convenient. LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II was introduced as the most efficient solution to the development’s difficulties. The project was completed within two months, thanks to its economical, robust and easy-to-install qualities.

As the first project in Vietnam to utilise LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II structural decking system, we hope that its capabilities can help ease more urban developments in the country.



Focusing on the economy, versatility and safety, the BONDEK® II is a profiled steel sheeting for concrete slabs work.

The excellent spanning capabilities also alleviates the installation process, improving work efficiency. On top of that, the long lengths of this profile cover a wide area, ensuring a safe workspace during construction.

LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II is also equipped with 90-120 minutes of fire resistance capabilities, making it a world-class construction material.