STEAK on.3 Coffee & Wine

STEAK on.3 Coffee & Wine

With Lysaght® 360 Seam coupled with the innovative Colorbond® steel, this sleek steakhouse will definitely stand the test of time. 

Project Details


Pinit Niumsuwan/ Motion Arch Architecture


Pathio, Chum Phon

Project Type



COLORBOND® Steel – Posh Grey



Steak lovers in Chumphon, Thailand should be familiar with Steak on 3, a beautiful steakhouse tucked away north of the province.

Diners need to travel on some unpaved roads, but they get to feast their eyes on a stylish building upon arrival. The restaurant is the brainchild of Mr Pinit Niamsuwan, a professional architect with a great love for food.

The building should set you in the right mood for a hearty meal as it is inspired by a western farmhouse. The exposed red bricks and warm welcoming hue of the wooden floor will whet diners’ appetites further.

As an architect, Mr Niamsuwan wanted the tall, sloping roof to set the right feel for the structure – its colour had to be outstanding during the daytime and look equally good at night. 

NS BlueScope Lysaght Thailand team chose COLORBOND® steel in Posh Grey Colour for this retro-looking farmhouse. The result is a classy looking roof with superior sound and heat resistance.

The team also considered several roofing profiles before deciding on LYSAGHT® 360 SEAM®. It was chosen for its industrial level of strength, without looking too much like a factory. The whole roofing process took 2 months to complete.



COLORBOND® steel is a durable and resilient material that’s made to withstand Australia’s punishing climate. It has 5 layers to resist corrosion, chipping, flaking and blistering. It also features Thermatech® technology for sunray reflection to reduce energy bills. 

All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled content and is 100% recyclable.


LYSAGHT® 360 SEAM® profile is highly adaptable to almost all types of roof geometry. It is mechanically field seamed using the Double Lock (360) method, resulting in strong, watertight joints. Whether it is smooth curves, tapered ends or neat straight lines, the pronounced ribs (available in various heights) enhances the aesthetic appeal of the roof.