High tensile and highly corrosion-resistant coated steel sheets.

SuperDyma® is a coated steel that made form hot-dip continuous process.

Product Features

NS BlueScope (Thailand) Limited, a leading manufacturer of coated steel & colour coated steel, entrusted by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC), to manufacture and distribute SuperDyma®, a highly Corrosion-resistant Coated Steel Sheets.

High Build Quality

SuperDyma® is a coated steel that made from hot-dip continuous process. It has high corrosion resistance property in corrosive environments.
• A coating of Zinc with 11% Aluminium, 3% Magnesium
• SGMCC, SGMC400 and SGMC570 (Ref. JIS G3323:2012)
• G250, G300, G450, G500 and G550 (Ref. AS1397)

Superior Corrosion Resistance

SuperDyma® has higher corrosion resistance as compared to hot-dip galvanised steel sheet in corrosive environment. SuperDyma®’s coating forms the film that protect surface from water and exposure to air. This leads to control corrosion reaction which yield a low corrosion rate in highly corrosive environments

Longer Lifespan

SuperDyma® has longer steel lifetime in corrosive environment.

Low Maintenance

Due to its durable features, SuperDyma® is easy to maintain hence reducing long term maintenance cost.

Product Brochures

SuperDyma® Product Brochure