Sheathing Architectural Wonders with Colours of Nature’s Serenity.

In the spirit of celebrating architectural ideation and creativity, Petal Series unveils a new range of pastel-hue colours to radically change how designers can incite and rediscover new decorative possibilities.

Product Features

Available in 5 inspiring colours, the Petal Series evokes a soft yet dramatic palette which enlivens the purpose of COLORBOND® steel in shaping some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

Escape The Conventional

The muted beauty of the Petal Series calls for unconventional shades that evoke optimism and highlight our desire for adventurous freshness. The myriad of pastel blends harmoniously with various shapes, textures, designs, or backgrounds, allowing a silky appearance no matter the application.

Enhanced Thermal Comfort with Thermatech®

The light-heartened tone of the Petal Series accentuates one of the highest Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) amongst all other colours in the COLORBOND® range. This translates to more reflectance of the sun’s heat and therefore, lowering heat transmission into living spaces for better thermal comfort.

Self-Cleaning with Clean Technology

Incorporated with Clean Technology, the Petal Series can retain its attractiveness over time as it self-cleans with natural rainfall. It works by preventing dirt from bonding to the steel surface and allows natural washing as it rains. This helps buildings to thrive especially in the tropics and ensure lasting beauty in building facades.

Inspiring, Long-lasting Colours

The Petal Series utilises the optimum paint formulation of COLORBOND® steel which delivers colour performance with lasting stability and vibrance. Despite the lightness of the Petal hues, paint performance remains uncompromised through comprehensive testing programmes, including laboratory or actual field exposure tests to deliver incredible durability against weathering.


Product Brochure

Malaysia COLORBOND® Steel – Petal Series

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