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Steel Connect Webinar

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1 13 June 2024, Thursday 3:00pm – 4:00pm Online - Webex Topic:

Crafting Resilient Roof Designs for Load Challenges


Join us for an engaging webinar as we delve into the essentials of crafting resilient roof designs! Roofs are vital for protecting buildings from external elements, but ensuring they withstand various loadings like foot traffic and wind loads is crucial. In Malaysia's windy climate, it's essential to design roofs with robust wind load capabilities.

Register today to learn about designing optimal mechanical performance for roofing, capable of handling wind loading while considering key factors such as profile type, material, and installation methods. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure safety and durability for years to come.

0.5 LAM CPD Point and 1 BEM CPD Hour Applied


Ng Cheah Haur, Technical Solution Manager
NS BlueScope Malaysia Sdn Bhd

*Subject to change

Steel Connect – June 2024

Crafting Resilient Roof Designs for Load Challenges

During our most recent Steel Connect Webinar, our expert has explored the complexities of designing optimal mechanical performance for roofing, capable of handling wind loading while considering key considerations, including profile type, material, and installation methods. This exploration ensures both safety and durability for years to come.

Steel Connect – March 2024

Resilience through Time: Exploring the Weathering Impact on Coated Steel Performance and Architectures’ Cladding through Malaysia Case Studies

This sharing promises a captivating exploration of the intersection between coated steel performance, the impact of weathering, and how you can equip yourself with the knowledge for informed decisions that enhance your architectural needs and fit the building requirements for years to come.

Steel Connect – December 2023

Expert Insights on Roofing Materials: A Comparative Study of uPVC vs. Coated Steel Roofing Performance Criteria

In this webinar, our roofing experts will delve into a systematic analysis of coated steel and uPVC roofing, two materials that have seen a notable surge in usage recently. Our esteemed speakers will provide comprehensive insights into the nuances of these materials, covering critical aspects such as functionality, weather resistance, safety compliance, adherence to legal standards, and the structural integrity of roofing systems.

Steel Connect – February 2023

The Importance of Testing Your Roofing System in Accordance with International Standards for Different Building Types

Join our webinar with Technical Solutions Expert Mr Ng Cheah Haur as he breaks down the various test methods and performance indicators for roofing products and systems based on international standards. Topics covered include foot traffic weight competency, wind load resilience, Sound Transmission Class (STC) evaluation, and U-value requirements. .

Steel Connect – January 2023

Inside the Interdisciplinary Practice of an Artist & Architect

“Life’s a hobby” is how artist, architect designer and our guest speaker, Lim Wen Jie depicts it. Before graduating with a master’s in architecture, Lim was already creating envisioning fine arts through urban sketching, graphic design, and photography, with some of his works paving the way to art exhibitions, auctions, and media interviews. In present days, Lim uses art as a subject in his architectural practice to design meaningful buildings, especially towards communal and sustainable builds.

Steel Connect – October 2022

Believing in the Design Process: Young Architectural Practice in Boutique Projects.

“Setting up a new practice at current days is a great challenge but creating your distinction with a group of young thinking minds, is an even greater challenge”. Join us this session as our guest speaker, Ar. Ho Chin Keng shares the design process of young professionals through a series of humble projects that grew to strike prestigious recognition. From preliminary planning, conceptualisation and implementation, follow through their design process, covering from boutique projects to restoration and onto bigger builds.

Steel Connect – August 2022

From Reclaimed Steel to Eco-Art: An Unconventional Approach to Upcycling Material Waste

Join us in this session as we unveil a depth of creativity where the potential of reclaimed steel from construction sites meets eco-art through the eyes of an artist. Expect an inspiring narrative from the guest speaker; environmental activist and steel sculptor, William Koong as he dialogues into a lesson for the environment through the beauty of upcycling and regenerating material waste.

Steel Connect – May 2022

Applications of Roof Thermal Insulation in Tropical Climate

Roofs receive the most intense solar heat load among all building envelope surfaces in tropical regions. Especially in Malaysia where building cooling is needed all-year round, the result of reducing heat load through roof is a significant reduction in the building’s overall operational energy use and costs.


Steel Connect – April 2022

Penang Digital Library: Spatial Transformation for Urban Heritage

Nothing exudes charm and architectural interest like a reclaimed building and the Penang Digital Library is no exception. In this inspiring session with the principal architect, Ar. Tan Bee Eu in her journey of finding hidden gems in a dilapidated building and transforming it into an engaging community space.

Steel Connect – March 2022

Beating the Heat: Assessing Solar Gain for Green Building Index

Understanding solar heat gain and its strategies to score for GBI. Exploration concept of OTTV, Roof U-value calculations, and the roles of PSPs in combating solar gain to achieve greener architectures.


Steel Connect – February 2022

Focusing on Fasteners – Key Considerations To Choosing The Right Fasteners

An in-depth look into fasteners and beyond for lightweight truss and roofing. We’ll be exploring the top criteria for effective fasteners, covering certifications, coating methods, identification and down to material types, in securing a safer and longer-lasting build.


Steel Connect – January 2022

The ‘Hows’ Behind Colour Management For Prepainted Steel

We’ll be evoking colour curiosity in this session as we dive deep beyond what meets the eye for prepainted steel. Expect an insight into colour management, quality control and the technicalities behind the colour space of CIELAB.


Steel Connect – December 2021


Penang Island Waste Transfer Station is a beautiful realisation of a project – articulating spatial possibilities with a transformative approach to the industrial building typology. Join us in this exploration session with the inspirer behind the project; Ms Lee Min Zhao from KH Architect, in the aspects of form-making, materiality and sustainability.


Steel Connect – November 2021


The comparison between GI and GL has always been a prolonged debate, especially where performance is a high priority amid tropical weather. Join us in this session as we lay out a direct comparison, covering from composition, coating technology, weathering exposure to actual environmental performance.


Steel Connect – October 2021

What exactly are standards and certifications? And why does it matter?

What does it really mean to be certified to a particular standard? In this session, we aim to demystify test reports and shed light on the different perspectives revolving around how these standards are determined for coated steel and what are the particulars you need to be aware of.


Steel Connect – September

Opportunity from Obscurity: An insight into designing Discovery Park.

‘There is opportunity from obscurity’, these are words behind the inspiration of ShafikZaman Architect when designing Discovery Park @ Gamuda Cove. Featuring guest speaker; award-winning Architect Shafik Kamarulzaman, founder of ShafikZaman Architect who was involved from concept to materials, and the overcoming of different challenges faced.


Steel Connect – August

A Deeper Look Into IBS For Lightweight Steel Framing.

Join our interactive session as our expert demonstrates how the Lightweight Steel Framing is designed to Australian codes.


Steel Connect – June

How to score green building points according to different rating tools for metal roof systems.

There seems to be a gap between the understanding of green product certificates and the existing green building rating tools widely used in different markets. In Steel Connect webinar, we will share some insights into different green product certifications and how they can be linked to the respective rating tools available.


Steel Connect – May

Which Coated Steel Should You Choose When All Steel Looks the Same?

When selecting the material for your next building design, do you recall asking yourself “Will a prefinished coated steel perform to my expectation?” or “How long will these colours last?”


Steel Connect – April

Accelerated testing vs outdoor weathering testing. Which is more accurate?

To determine a material’s durability against natural weathering, we have traditionally relied on simulated tests in labs to predict performance in actual weather. However, there have been discrepancies of specific accelerated tests towards the actual outdoor weathering tests.


Steel Connect – March

Common Influence of Smelting Plants and Palm Oil Mill on Buildings

The impact of high heat processes will have to do with how water behave around these processes and we will dive into details on where you should pay more attention to your cladding at these different industries.


Steel Connect – February

Common Influence of Poultry Farms and Fertilizer Factories on Buildings

Did you know, poultry farms and fertilizer factories are considered corrosive industries? Building components of these industries often show signs of corrosion that are difficult to explain.
In this session, we will dissect the issues behind why cladding of these industries corrode and how you can incorporate a longer-lasting cladding solution to address this common issue.


Steel Connect – December

Common Effect of Sea Water, Swimming Pools and Glove Factories on buildings

What do sea water, swimming pools and glove factories have in common? Chlorine. These environments are all classified as corrosive environments. In this Steel Connect webinar, we are going to share with you on how chlorine can potentially damage your building and what can you do to minimize this detrimental effects?


Steel Connect – November

How To Manage On-Site Quality Control and Installation of External Cladding

We’ve got another Steel Connect webinar in store for you. As we’ve covered selection of materials for the components that go with steel cladding previously, and we’ll be moving on to the next stage – installation and quality control on-site.

Now that we’ve got the right materials for our respective components, lets learn more on how to handle the materials and install them onto your building.


Steel Connect – October

How to Select Suitable Building Accessories And Materials During Specification Of External Cladding

In the previous webinar, we’ve highlighted the 4 criteria of external cladding design to extend its lifespan. However, once the design is determined, selecting the right materials to go along with the external cladding is important to ensure that the accessories can provide the same durability.


Steel Connect – September

4 Criteria of External Cladding Design to Extend its Lifespan

Have you ever wanted to use coated steel to build your vacation home near the beach? And wondered how to extend your external cladding lifespan through design?

In this episode of Steel Connect, we will bring you through the effect of external environmental factors on your external cladding lifespan and the 4 design criteria you can adopt to make it last longer.


Steel Connect – August

Steel Finishes and Functionality for Building Envelope

The direction for styles of building facades has radically changed over recent years. The appetite for a steel building facade is growing, as more architects and builders see great advantages in doing so. Current design trends not only look at colour choices, but also possibilities of different coating finishes. Join us as we dive into the design freedom and functional advantages of different finishes, especially the rarely promoted “textured” finishes in our free webinar. 


Steel Connect – July

Fire Test Requirements for External Cladding
What is the most updated fire requirements to determine suitability of your external cladding? Local fire safety enforcement agency a.k.a. BOMBA has enforced all external cladding to be tested against British Standard (BS 8414) and has co-developed test criteria to filter through façade system that might pose safety risks to city dwellers. In this session, we will share with you our observations of BS 8414 tests and what are the requirements. 


Steel Stories – January

Feature Story – Rethinking The Box

Reshaping forms. Breaking traditional linear and orthogonal symmetries. Creating focal points.


Steel Stories – September

Feature Story – 4 Ways to Slow Down Aging in Steel Claddings

Learn about some of the important considerations you make take to truly stretch the service life of steel claddings.


Steel Stories – July

Feature Story – Reasons to Adopt IBS with Steel

IBS (Industrialised Building System) can be defined as a construction technique in which components are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment.


Steel Stories – May

Feature Story – Common Influence of Palm Oil Mill and Smelting Plant on Buildings

Environment can dictate how a building can deteriorate especially for factories that involves heat and moisture, such as palm oil mills and smelting plants.


Steel Stories – March

Feature Story – Tips & Tricks on Managing On-site Installation & Quality Control of A External Cladding

In our recent case study, the NS BlueScope team covers the tips and tricks to achieve long-term roof durability.


Steel Stories – July

Feature Story – VERMOE™ – Captivating Textured Beauty

Innovated with a unique texture on its surface, VERMOE™ steel is designed for new possibilities in architectural design as it adds a whole new dimension into how a building is visually projected.


Steel Stories – March

Feature Story – Living Proof of COLORBOND® Durability

KYB-UMW Malaysia plant has been built with COLORBOND® steel since 1997. This is a real case study proves that COLORBOND® steel is  the better steel to build with even in terms of long-term cost-efficiency.


Steel Stories – January 2020

Feature Story – New 
COLORBOND® MATT, Stylishly Sophisticated 

Soft and natural, yet stylish and sophisticated, matte finishing on coated steel offers a design alternative that  is highly attractive and well-appreciated in the architectural industry today.


Steel Stories – December 2019

Feature Story – twentyfive.7 A Vibrant Township, Made of Steel

A project that demonstrates the rising popularity of coated steel in Malaysia. Developed by Gamuda Land, the project incorporates COLORBOND® steel to build some of the most unusual residential homes.


Steel Stories – October 2019

Feature Story – 3 Layers That Define  Quality

Coated steel is an integral part of our everyday lives. Three key areas which determine the overall quality of coated steel : Base MetalThickness (BMT), metallic alloy coating mass and paint dry film thickness.


Steel Stories – August 2019

Feature Story – Going Green with Steel

Green and sustainability awareness has made its way to the mainstream for good reasons. In an interview on BFM 89.9’s Property Show, Ar. Dr. Tan Loke Mun talked about the role of steel in making buildings more ‘green’.


Steel Stories – June 2019

Feature Story – Go Hardcore with TRUECORE®

In this issue, we turn the spotlight on TRUECORE®, BlueScope’s innovative solution that is designed as a high-strength structural grade building material.


Steel Stories – March 2019 

Feature Story: COLORBOND® – A Family of Six Unique Variants

COLORBOND® has many unique qualities and ability to fulfil various project requirements with a family of six magnificient variants. In this issue, we will walk through each of these variants.




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