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Steel Connect Webinar

No Date Time Class/Topic Registration
1 4 Dec 2020 10am Common effect on seawater, swimming pools and glove factories on buildings
2 7 Jan 2021 2pm - 3pm Types of structural steel available in Malaysia
3 4 Feb 2021 2pm - 3pm Design criteria for lightweight steel trusses/framing
4 4 Mar 2021 2pm - 3pm Sustainability/recyclability of lightweight steel trusses/framing in actual building
5 1 Apr 2021 2pm - 3pm Building near the sea (Marine) or swimming pool
6 6 May 2021 2pm - 3pm Smelting plant (24 hours) & Oil refineries factories (steam) (Industrial) or intense farming
7 3 Jun 2021 2pm - 3pm Gloves & tile factories (corrosive gases/contaminants) industrial
*Subject to change

Steel Connect – November

How To Manage On-Site Quality Control and Installation of External Cladding

We’ve got another Steel Connect webinar in store for you. As we’ve covered selection of materials for the components that go with steel cladding previously, and we’ll be moving on to the next stage – installation and quality control on-site.

Now that we’ve got the right materials for our respective components, lets learn more on how to handle the materials and install them onto your building.


Steel Connect – October

How to Select Suitable Building Accessories And Materials During Specification Of External Cladding

In the previous webinar, we’ve highlighted the 4 criteria of external cladding design to extend its lifespan. However, once the design is determined, selecting the right materials to go along with the external cladding is important to ensure that the accessories can provide the same durability.


Steel Connect – September

4 Criteria of External Cladding Design to Extend its Lifespan

Have you ever wanted to use coated steel to build your vacation home near the beach? And wondered how to extend your external cladding lifespan through design?

In this episode of Steel Connect, we will bring you through the effect of external environmental factors on your external cladding lifespan and the 4 design criteria you can adopt to make it last longer.


Steel Connect – August

Steel Finishes and Functionality for Building Envelope

The direction for styles of building facades has radically changed over recent years. The appetite for a steel building facade is growing, as more architects and builders see great advantages in doing so. Current design trends not only look at colour choices, but also possibilities of different coating finishes. Join us as we dive into the design freedom and functional advantages of different finishes, especially the rarely promoted “textured” finishes in our free webinar. 


Steel Connect – July

Fire Test Requirements for External Cladding
What is the most updated fire requirements to determine suitability of your external cladding? Local fire safety enforcement agency a.k.a. BOMBA has enforced all external cladding to be tested against British Standard (BS 8414) and has co-developed test criteria to filter through façade system that might pose safety risks to city dwellers. In this session, we will share with you our observations of BS 8414 tests and what are the requirements. 

Steel Connect – June

Roof Design For  Solar Panel Installation 

With the increase of adoption in solar panels, we see more metal roof acting as a support structure for the solar panel arrays. In this webinar, we will highlight the key factors to consider before signing up for solar panels to be installed onto your metal roof.


Steel Connect – June

7 Reasons To Adopt IBS With Steel

Industrialized Building System (IBS) has been a topic that Malaysian government is pushing to be utilized in building both public and private sector development. Heeding the government’s call that IBS is the way forward for sustainable property development in the country, we will be sharing with you the 7 reasons how IBS with steel has proven to be safer, quicker, more cost-effective, and yields more consistent construction quality compared with conventional means for your upcoming projects.



Steel Connect – May

Top 5 Reasons Steel Is The Best For Your Home

With the success of Steel Stories launched since 2018, we are excited to introduce to you now, the debut series of our very own Webinar – SteelConnect™ by NS BlueScope Malaysia. This webinar series feature different interesting topics ranging from How-To with Steel, Tips & Tricks in designing your home with Steel, Top 5 Reasons Why Steel, Interesting Facts about Steel and many more!



Steel Stories – July

Feature Story – VERMOE™ – Captivating Textured Beauty

Innovated with a unique texture on its surface, VERMOE™ steel is designed for new possibilities in architectural design as it adds a whole new dimension into how a building is visually projected.


Steel Stories – March

Feature Story – Living Proof of COLORBOND® Durability

KYB-UMW Malaysia plant has been built with COLORBOND® steel since 1997. This is a real case study proves that COLORBOND® steel is  the better steel to build with even in terms of long-term cost-efficiency.


Steel Stories – January 2020

Feature Story – New 
COLORBOND® MATT, Stylishly Sophisticated 

Soft and natural, yet stylish and sophisticated, matte finishing on coated steel offers a design alternative that  is highly attractive and well-appreciated in the architectural industry today.


Steel Stories – December 2019

Feature Story – twentyfive.7 A Vibrant Township, Made of Steel

A project that demonstrates the rising popularity of coated steel in Malaysia. Developed by Gamuda Land, the project incorporates COLORBOND® steel to build some of the most unusual residential homes.


Steel Stories – October 2019

Feature Story – 3 Layers That Define  Quality

Coated steel is an integral part of our everyday lives. Three key areas which determine the overall quality of coated steel : Base MetalThickness (BMT), metallic alloy coating mass and paint dry film thickness.


Steel Stories – August 2019

Feature Story – Going Green with Steel

Green and sustainability awareness has made its way to the mainstream for good reasons. In an interview on BFM 89.9’s Property Show, Ar. Dr. Tan Loke Mun talked about the role of steel in making buildings more ‘green’.


Steel Stories – June 2019

Feature Story – Go Hardcore with TRUECORE®

In this issue, we turn the spotlight on TRUECORE®, BlueScope’s innovative solution that is designed as a high-strength structural grade building material.


Steel Stories – March 2019 

Feature Story: COLORBOND® – A Family of Six Unique Variants

COLORBOND® has many unique qualities and ability to fulfil various project requirements with a family of six magnificient variants. In this issue, we will walk through each of these variants.


Steel Stories – January 2019

Feature Story: COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech® Technology

In this issue of Steel Stories, we focus on how COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech® technology shines in feature and provides inhabitants within a building with cooling comfort.







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