Technical Resources

NS BlueScope Malaysia Technical Resources

The technical resources outlines the maintenance and care of BlueScope steel with guide to good practice of processing and application of BlueScope steel products.

    Technical Bulletin

Steel House Frames

This technical bulletin outlines the benefit of frames made from TRUECORE® steel and its good practices to keeping lightweight steel frames stronger for longer. Download


TB-2 (MY) – Overpainting ad restoration of exterior BlueScope coated steel products

This technical bulletin outlines: information on the overpainting and restoration of exterior BlueScope coated steel products and repair of minor scratches and blemishes. Download

TB-4 (MY) – Maintenance of Exterior BlueScope Coated Steel Products

This technical bulletin outlines: maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.




Swarf staining of steel roofing and walling profiles

This technical bulletin outlines: general information on swarf; prevention of swarf – cutting, drilling and cleaning up; effect of swarf on performance; and rectification.



Care and storage of BlueScope exterior products prior to installation

This technical bulletin outlines: transport and storage of roof and wall cladding sheets on site.




Flashing materials for ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel sheet

This technical bulletin outlines: compatibility of flashing materials for ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel sheet.



Fasteners for roofing and walling product

This technical bulletin outlines: recommendations of compatible fasteners, most commonly self-drilling screws, for use with BlueScope roofing, walling and accessory products.


Contact with unprotected steel supports

This corrosion technical bulletin outlines: why supporting steel structures for ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® must be coated; BlueScope recommendations for purlins in contact with BlueScope products.


Dissimilar metals

This corrosion technical bulletin outlines: the basis of dissimilar metal corrosion with reference to the galvanic series of metal and alloys in sea water; Table of compatibility of direct contact between metals or alloys when choosing fasteners and accessories.


Immersion of coated steel

This corrosion technical bulletin outlines: “what is immersion”; examples of immersion.





Fire performance criteria for external cladding system in Malaysia  

This document identifies the performance criteria and testing practices undertaken by BOMBA and SIRIM for the purposes of approval of non-load bearing external cladding systems in Malaysia.


Fact Sheet 1 – Scuffing and Galling  

This fact sheet serves as a reference of surface defects which could be generated during the handling of metallic coated and pre-painted steel coil, strip and roll-formed sheets.


Fact Sheet 2 – Coil Slump

This fact sheet serves as a reference of possible causes of coil slump.



Fact Sheet 3 – Common Quality Issues that Are Not Linked to BlueScope’s Coated Steel Material

This Fact Sheet serves as a reference on commonly observed quality issues or defects that are not related with the performance of BlueScope’s coated steel material.



Proven Strength. Lasting Power

BlueScope became the first manufacturer in 1976 to produce aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel under the trademark ZINCALUME® steel with proprietary surface treatment technology. The guaranteed material strength (G300 or G550 steel grade) and highest metallic alloy coating control in manufacturing ZINCALUME® steel will ensure long lasting performance.



    Technical Kit

Corrosion vs Strength Loss: An Underrated Risk

An in-depth risks of corrosion on strength loss, and what are some of the considerations to keeping lightweight steel frames stronger for longer.


Debunking The Myth of Thickness

In-depth explanation of coated steel thickness, i.e. Base Metal Thickness (BMT), Total Coated Thickness (TCT), and After Painted Thickness (ACT).


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