6th March 2024

Driving Sustainability: NS BlueScope Malaysia’s Responsibility Sourcing Conference

NS BlueScope Malaysia promotes responsible sourcing for a sustainable future.

NS BlueScope Malaysia, a leading producer of coated steel in Malaysia, is pleased to announce its recent suppliers’ conference aimed at fostering collaboration and shaping a sustainable future together.

The conference, titled “Responsible Sourcing for a Sustainable Future” took place at its Kapar manufacturing plant on the 29th of February 2024. This event served as a platform for industry leaders, the management, stakeholders, employees, and esteemed guests to delve into perspectives on responsible sourcing, fair labour sourcing and sustainability within the supply chain. Her Excellency Danielle Heinecke, Australia’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, was the distinguished Guest of Honor at the conference.
A lineup of internal experts shared their expertise on various facets of sustainability:

  1. Andrew Watson, Head of Group Procurement at BlueScope, presented insights on BlueScope’s approach to sustainability and fostering a responsible supply chain.
  2. Henry Yeo, VP of Health, Safety & Environment at NS BlueScope Limited, explored BlueScope’s net zero climate strategy and the company’s steadfast commitment to health, safety, and the environment.
  3. Rayvathi Rajendra, Vice President of Legal & External Affairs at NS BlueScope Malaysia, presented on BlueScope’s Purpose, Bond and the Code of Conduct – How We Work.
  4. Gillian Lee, Vice President of Supply Chain at NS BlueScope Malaysia, presented on BlueScope’s responsible sourcing approach which is to foster responsible business practices and uphold human rights through supplier engagement and collaboration, risk assessment and continuous improvement.

Additionally, the conference featured external experts who shared their insights:

  1. David Chun, Regional Supplier Development & Sustainability Manager at South Asia of Akzo Nobel Malaysia Sdn Bhd, provided valuable perspectives on sustainable practices implemented within Akzo Nobel, focusing on sustainability in procurement approaches and positive impacts achieved through their supplier sustainability framework.
  2. Kamarul Dato’ Marzuki, Associate Director, National Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Partnership at PERSOLKELLY Workforce Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd, guided attendees through a holistic approach to ethical recruiting.
  3. Michael Angseesing, Senior Commercial Manager SEAT and Segment Leader for Metal at Quaker Houghton (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, presented Quaker Houghton’s Sustainability Strategy, discussing the company’s rationale and positive impact achieved through aligning operations with sustainability commitments.

Following the conference, guests embarked on an exclusive “Sustainability Journey” plant tour ride highlighting NS BlueScope Malaysia’s dedication for a greener environment. The tour featured, amongst others, the SunField, a 6 football field-sized ground mounted solar farm providing renewable energy for steelmaking and fostering a greener future, the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) reducing natural gas consumption for cleaner air, Solar Powered Street Lights, illuminating factory pathways with minimal energy consumption, and Rainwater Harvesting for wastewater treatment, promoting self-sufficiency and responsible water management by capturing and utilising rainwater for wastewater treatment, all together symbolizing our commitment to our people, our communities and the environment.

“Companies that prioritize responsible sourcing aim to minimize negative impacts on the environment and communities, promote fair labour conditions, and ensure that their supply chains contribute positively to society.” “Today’s consumers are more discerning than ever, demanding transparency and accountability from the brands they support. As leaders in our respective industries, we have a responsibility to ensure that our sourcing practices align with the highest standards of integrity,” said Wong Sen Meng, Country President of NS BlueScope Malaysia.

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