BlueScope Zacs®

Everyone Deserves A Good Roof.

Specifically designed for roofing and wall cladding, BlueScope ZACS® is the essential and valuable solution to meet affordable residential needs.

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Product Features

With BlueScope ZACS® – metal roofs made with technology from Australia – expect more than just an aesthetic enhancement. Not only is it designed to stand out, BlueScope ZACS® is also made to protect and built to last. It introduces a vibrance like never before, and gives your home a modern and refreshing update.

Abundance Colour Choice

With a large variety of colors, homeowners will be able to bring our their homes’ personalities to fit their tastes

Unique Textures

BlueScope ZACS® materials have added textures that make the roofs glisten stunningly when seen from afar.

Made with BlueScope’s Proprietary Technology

Through innovation and cutting-edge technology, BlueScope ZACS® roofs are made in accordance to the highest standards at ISO-certified manufacturing facilities.

Long Warranty to Ensure Your Satisfaction

BlueScope’s proprietary coating formula ensures that the roofs stay strong for up to 10 years. Corrosion damage is covered by a 10-year warranty while colour fading has a 5-year warranty.

Superior Anti-Corrosion Coating

Thanks to BlueScope’s advanced mass coating technology, all BlueScope ZACS® steel is coated with the optimal combination of aluminium-zinc alloy and a minimum of 90gm/m2 coating mass. As a result, its 4 superior layers is more corrosion-resistant and longer-lasting.

Product Brochures

BlueScope ZACS® Brochure

Technical Datasheets

BlueScope Zacs® G550 Steel Technical Data Sheet (Malaysia)

BlueScope Zacs® Natural Steel Technical Data Sheet (Malaysia)

BlueScope Zacs® Cool Prepainted Steel – PP Technical Data Sheet (Malaysia)

BlueScope Zacs® Cool G300 Technical Data Sheet (Malaysia)

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