CRP Antibacterial™ SD

Designed for cool rooms and hygiene sensitive applications.

Highly efficient and corrosion resistant steel made for food manufacturing and food processing industry.

Product Features

CRP Antibacterial™ SD steel is a pre-painted steel manufactured from continuous hot-dip process.CRP Antibacterial™ SD is formulated to meet the needs of cool room and hygiene sensitive applications.

Superior Metal Coating

CRP Antibacterial™ SD steel has metal coating of Zinc with 11% Aluminium and 3% Magnesium ZM180. The symbol “ZM” represents the thickness of the coating 2 sides in grams per square meter as ZM180 represents the combined coating mass 2 sides not less than 180 grams per square meter. This formula made the material resistant to corrosion under condidtions of low temperature and high humidity.

Superior Finishing Coated with Anti-MICROBIAL Additive

Anti-MICROBIAL technology is incorporated into CRP Antibacterial™ SD steel, to create anti-bacteria property for better hygienic environments.

Easy Maintenance and Safe

CRP Antibacterial™ SD steel is easy to clean and non-toxic, hence safe for humans and the environment. The CRP Antibacterial™ SD is coated with Anti-MICROBIAL additive neutralises the ability of bacteria to function, grow and reproduce – effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Superior Backing Coat

Foam grey backing of CRP Antibacterial™ SD is a painted system that specifically designed for better foam adhesive to prevent foam peeling off during fabrication and usage.

Product Brochures

CRP Antibacterial™ SD Product Brochure

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