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COLORBOND® steel is a pre-painted premium product of BlueScope, produced by continuous hot-dip metal coating line complying to AS 1397-2011 (Substrate) and AS/NZS2728-2013 (Paint Coating) standard. The new generation COLORBOND® steel is integrated with ActivateTM technology, which has more than 20 patents globally for its proprietary process and its unique micro-structure of the 4 phases.
COLORBOND® steel is used in prestigious commercial and industrial projects like iconic buildings, warehouses, cool room applications, factory, office complexes and much more.
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Since its launch in 1976, ZINCALUME® steel has emerged as a trusted
brand and it is also acknowledged in the industry as one of the best
zinc-aluminium alloy-coated steel product available. With Activate™
technology, BlueScope’s continuous product innovation ensures
ZINCALUME® steel not only outperforms galvanized steel but also
remains superior against generic alloy-coated products. Learn More


TRUECORE® steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish, made by BlueScope specifically for the house framing market. Wall and roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel are termite and fire resistant, straight and true, light weight yet strong. In short, a dependable solution for homes built to last. Learn More


Ns BlueScope LYSAGHT® – The global steel manufacturer inheriting with over 165 years of experience from Australia, specializing in unique and modern steel coating technologies for project, meeting all specification requirement while ensuring a comfortable and energy-saving workspace at the efficient return in investment. LYSAGHT® focuses its strength in three main fields: Setting up new standards for industrial plants with Roofing and Walling solutions; contributing to the development of high-tech agriculture with Lysaght® Argrished® solution, and modernizing urban areas through a number of skyscrapers with its unique solutions of Bondek® II Learn More



No matter what projects that you are working on, we have the right products and solutions for you. NS BlueScope’s products and solutions are backed by research and using stringent quality control and testing procedures to ensure that our products are of highest performance quality.
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Every property owner would want to ensure that his/her property is beautifully finished with the best quality materials to stand the test of time. Discover the range of products and solutions by NS BlueScope that will provide you the quality finish that you are looking for.
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