Truss & Purlin

Laying a strong foundation to buildings everywhere with our strong, durable and precise steel frames.

Our steel framing system is quick and simple to erect, easy on the environment, and adaptable to a myriad of designs. It lends itself perfectly to innovative and non-conventional designs, helping to create distinctive buildings; delivering real benefits for builders, designers and homeowners alike.

Our Brands


TRUECORE® steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish, made by BlueScope Steel, specifically for framing applications. Wall and roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel are termite and fire-resistant, straight and true, lightweight yet strong.
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SMARTRUSS® is lightweight high-strength ZINCALUME® , provides superior corrosion resistance.
LYSAGHT® SMARTRUSS® is not only applied in construction but also depends on creations in design and steel solution of works.
Besides, LYSAGHT® SMARTRUSS® can be used to replace in application of mild steel to provide higher economic and aesthetic efficiency.
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