24th July 2020

Connecting for Spreading – BlueScope and the journey of creating value for community

More than two decades of connecting individuals, organizations and enterprises across the “S-shaped” country enables BlueScope to generate a corporate social responsibility (CSR) ecosystems in its own unique way.

As the famous saying by the well-known American philosopher and psychologist, William James, “we are like islands in the sea, seperate on the surface but connected in the deep”, BlueScope recognizes that every success comes from a certain relationship. Every relationship comes from a certain connection. It shows that every step will not be sustainable if we choose to grow as individuals..

This belief paves the way for BlueScope to formulate its own guiding principle – “CREATING CONNECTION”. It is also this guideline that encourages BlueScope to set out on a journey to connect individuals and organizations who share a common goal of shaping a more civilized and sustainable society. The over-two-decade journey results in the birth of a corporate social sustainability ecosystem.

Winthin this CSR ecosystem, the poor live in hope for a new life thanks to steady houses sheltering them from the heat of summer and the pouring rains; enterprises are equipped with necessary and helpful knowledge of macro and micro-economics such as supply chains, labor safety and free trade agreements, etc to be better prepared for their global intergration.

In addition, this connecting activities also gives BlueScope’s staff the exciting opportunity to fulfill their desire to contribute to community, helping Company’s contractors and authorized dealers to realize the aspiration to faciliate their homeland growth.

Holding the strong belief and hope that this will lay the foundation to promote a more civilized and sustainable society and community, BlueScope will continue its journey to enrich connections winthin its ecosystem to collaborate with its partners to overcome new market challenges and to lead the ethical and quality standards in the industry.

Join our connecting journey today!