9th May 2023

INOK® TECHNOLOGY – SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE World-Leading Quality For Roof. Now Available In Cambodia.

On April 28, ISI Steel – the leading prestigious partner of NS BlueScope Vietnam in Cambodia had an official ceremony to introduce INOK® Technology (AM technology) along with preeminent features to all the customers.

This is the first and unique 4 phases alloy-coated technology that surmounts the disadvantages of the current 2 layers alloy-coated technology that currently presented on the market, invented by BlueScope corporation for more than 100 years from Australia, with Superior Corrosion Resistance, protect roof long-lasting & solid in severe weather conditions and environment.

INOK technology – Superior Corrosion Resistance with the world’s top quality for all roofs, not only trusted by the Vietnamese market but also by the Cambodian residents.


Press conference to introduce INOK® Technology at ISI Steel office – Cambodia



Mr. Kang Leng (CEO – ISI Steel) and Mr. Umesh Mulik (Regional Innovation Manager – NS BlueScope) spoke at the launch of INOK® Technology



INOK® Technology Launching Ceremony in Cambodia



INOK® Technology Launching Ceremony in Cambodia



NS BlueScope Vietnam and ISI Steel took souvenir photos and mark the sustainable cooperation



INOK® technology was displayed and introduced in Cambodia



Customers visited the INOK® technology display