The most economical and efficient roofing and walling solutions.

APEX® steel is affordable yet durable, making it the ideal choice for cost-effective roofing and walling applications be it for industrial, commercial or even residential projects.

Product Features

NS BlueScope Vietnam has developed APEX® prepainted steel as an economical option for roofing and walling applications for projects that require a more cost-effective building solution, utilizing the world-leading 55% Aluminium/Zinc alloy coating technology to deliver superior durability.

Available in Range of Colours to Suit Your Needs

APEX® steel is available in seven attractive and high performing colours to meet modern project needs.

Easy Maintenance

APEX® steel is easy to maintain and it is also non-combustible. Moreover, it is securely fixed in long continuous sheets providing a weather tight and secure roof.

Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

APEX® steel meets international standards (i.e JIS G3321 and JIS G3322) and comes with a warranty of up to 10 years against perforation by corrosion.


APEX® steel is available at an affordable price, thus making it the ideal material to be used for cost-effective roofing and walling applications in industrial, commercial, infrastructure and residential projects.

Product Brochures

Apex® Product Brochure

Technical Datasheets

Apex® Technical Datasheet