Design Village Outlet Mall

Design Village Outlet Mall

Surrounded by a lush-24acre tropical garden, sheltered walkways and captivating jewel-inspired structure at every corner, Design Village in Penang is the biggest, and probably the most enchanting premium outlet mall in Malaysia.

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BYG Architect


Batu Kawan, Penang

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CAPERO® Ballistic Grey & Melanic





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Premium outlet malls are increasingly popular recently due to the higher demands from retailers to sell their off-season products separately. Located at Batu Kawan, Penang, Design Village Outlet Mall is one of the latest additions to this retailing concept in Malaysia.

It’s common among tourists to experience walking on the five-foot ways along the quaint shophouses in the streets of Georgetown. This is the very same experience that the outlet would like to offer its shoppers.

Built on a 24-acre tropical garden, Design Village Outlet Mall is the largest premium outlet in the country to date.

Geometric shapes inspired by jewellery boxes are part of the outlet’s architecture. The single-storey shops were designed based on a sleeping figure of 8 with green spaces in between. Ultimately, the outlet hopes to provide their visitors with a comfortable shopping experience.

What makes this outlet stand out from conventional outlet malls is the generous landscaping, water features, air-cooled sheltered walkways, playgrounds and various seating areas. Shoppers can also find the best hawker cuisine at the outlet for a complete experience of Penang.

We understand that having the good technical know-how and choosing the right products is central to create safe, practical and everlasting structures. Our people are always inspired by impressive architecture and strive to develop efficient solutions to help overcome any construction limitations.

As the outlet’s design involved defining geometric shapes and structure, the outlet required a versatile roofing system that can match the overall architecture.

This is where the LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® OPTIMA™ and LYSAGHT® SPANDEK® OPTIMA™ proved their capabilities.



LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® OPTIMA™ is a durable and practical roofing profile designed for an easy installation process.

The strong cladding system of the LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® OPTIMA™ can span wider and provide better uplift performance. It’s also made for both general and coastal environments. Besides that, the conceal fixed system and long lengths of the profile allows it to control thermal expansion and contraction efficiently.


LYSAGHT® SPANDEK® OPTIMA™ is a steel roofing profile designed with symmetrical trapezoidal ribbed roofing and wall cladding profile for a modern, corrugated look. It’s ideal for structures such as the outlet requiring long spans because of its wider purlin spacing and fewer fasteners requirement.

Usually, regular roofs require a longer period to cool down. Both LYSAGHT® KLIP-LOK® OPTIMA™ and LYSAGHT® SPANDEK® OPTIMA™ roofing profiles are introduced to provide better cooling comfort in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather.

CAPERO® Ballistic Grey & Melanic

CAPERO® is pre-painted steel specifically designed for long-term durability. It’s made with high tensile strength, and the quality of steel roofs minimises gaps as well as spaces, making it more robust than conventional roofs.

Overall, pairing Lysaght® roofing profiles with the CAPERO® provide a long-lasting, economical and functional solution to enhance Design Village Outlet’s shopping experience.