Church of St Peter & Paul

Church of St Peter & Paul

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a Roman Catholic Church in Singapore situated at 225A Queen Street. The church was built in the tropical Gothic style, a popular architectural style during the colonial era in Singapore.

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Project Owner

The Parish Pastoral Council of the Church


RDC Architects Pte Ltd


Central Singapore

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2,500 m²

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Built between 1869 and 1870, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a monument to the Chinese Catholic community in Singapore. The building is also the recipient of Singapore Architectural heritage award in 2016.

The church was born out of necessity when the chapel along Bras Basah road became too small. Under Father Pierre Paris, a new church was needed to accommodate different linguistic groups, namely Indians and Chinese of various dialects.

Towards the end of 19th century, the church has become an exclusively Chinese church with the building of Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Ophir Road. Financed by wealthy parishioners, the church has seen expansion at the turn of the century, with the addition of a choir loft, construction of entrance porch and extension of the façade.

A major renovation was planned in 1969 for its centenary celebration. Upon its completion in 1970, the neo-gothic high altar was demolished; reredos, crucifix and candles were nowhere to be seen too.

The most recent renovation has restored several features of the church back to its originality. Completed in 2016, this renovation has given back the church traditional wooden louvered windows, a high altar (similar to the one that’s demolished). It has also been given technical improvements in terms of lighting and air-conditioning. The repair of the aging roof structure was undertaken by Lysaght Singapore.

The challenge was to clad the church with a roof that is strong enough to protect the renovation work yet staying true to the tropical Gothic architectural style. For this purpose, design firm RDC Architects Pte Ltd picked the robust CLEAN COLORBOND® ULTRA with a SPANDEK® profile.

This choice has definitely paid off because viewed from above, the church is a beautifully bevelled cross finished in an equally good-looking hue of blue. The bold ribs on the roof gave the structure a refreshing new look without looking out of place with its neo-gothic building style.



CLEAN COLORBOND® ULTRA prepainted steel is designed specifically for the punishing coastal & industrial environment found throughout Southern Africa. It has a thick coating of zinc/aluminium of AZ200, which means that for every square meter of steel, there are at least 200 grams of zinc/aluminium shielding the structure from the elements.



This profile is widely applied in commercial and residential buildings because it’s highly serviceable either in the form of roofing or walling. Its bold ribs offer high strength and water carrying capacity to withstand the humid tropical climate. It is strong, impact-resistant and economical, making it an ideal for commercial and residential applications.